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Change the Landscape of Cancer

Our groundbreaking work would not be possible without people like you who are joining us in the fight against our toughest opponent – blood cancer.

You can support LLS with a gift that makes an impact now – or a gift that will create your legacy of care for years to come. With any of these gift options, you are bringing us one step closer to the cure for blood cancer.

The Children’s Initiative – LLS is pioneering an unprecedented collaborative clinical trial to fundamentally change the way pediatric blood cancers are treated, while expanding the services and support we provide for children and families.


Precision Medicine Immunotherapy and New Trials – We’re pioneering innovative new clinical trial models and treatment approaches to bring the promise of precision medicine to more patients.

Beyond Blood Cancer – Many pivotal discoveries from precision medicine to immunotherapies have originated from LLS-funded research and these game changing insights and treatment approaches are now helping patients with other cancers and diseases.

Prevention & Survivorship – LLS funded advances are leading to the first-ever discussions about halting blood cancers earlier and preventing them from occurring entirely.

Cost of Cancer Care – LLS launched our Cost of Cancer Care initiative in May 2017, developing aggressive but feasible cost-cutting ideas that would not sacrifice quality care.

Myeloma – LLS remains committed to investing in the most promising myeloma research to find cures and providing free information, education and support for patients, families and caregivers to help patients live better, longer lives.

“Support from LLS has enabled significant progress in the successful treatment of pediatric acute myeloid leukemia (AML). As we continue to work toward not only a cure, but lifelong health in survivors of pediatric leukemia, the safe delivery of both conventional and novel, targeted therapies is critical.”
– Kasey Leger, MD, Seattle Children’s Hospital

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